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Posted on 10-04-2011

Can proper nutrition keep you from getting ill in the midst of food borne illness? Why do some fall ill and others do not?

According to Weston A. Price guidelines, ingesting a lot of fermented and probiotic foods can battle food borne illness before it takes you down. When eating a diet filled with probiotics, one can eat with more assurance. A good gut flora and good bacteria can do battle with some vicious bad bacteria.

If you start coming down with food sickness, you can do the following: take colloidal silver, MMS, activated charcoal (absorbs toxins), and homeopathic Arscenicum Album 30C. Nux Vomica 30C would also alleviate the nausea.

If you have read the recent reports about the cantaloupe that has killed over a dozen people, you have also seen the terrifying news that it ain't over yet and that the listeria poisoning can take a couple of months to show up. Some reports say the melon from the farm in question was shipped to 17 states, others say 25 states.

So, there are a bunch of worried consumers out there, waiting for that ticking time bomb melon to go off inside them. With not even a hint of what do do about it coming across the airwaves. I had the peach colored melon myself this weekend, at a restaurant. A melon of unknown origin. Was I foolish to trust it wouldn't kill me?

The Claude Bernard milieu theory, which suggests that we can build our immunity to disease and even pathogens by creating an inhospitable environment inside our bodies.

I recommend pro-biotic foods (for example, kefir, yogurt, fermented vegetables, raw kombucha, unpasteurized beer). I also recommends a low sugar/starch diet to develop your immunity.  Why do some people get sick during illness outbreaks and others don't? Some have a better environment, consequently a stronger immune system. It is a simple as that.


Don't live in fear of salmonella, listeria and the like, start building your interior milieu with thousands of good bacteria, these bacteria will protect you and can even overwhelm a bad bug. Think about it, the reason it takes a month or more for virulent listeria to cause disease, is because someone ingested a little bit of bacteria that multiplied, and grew inside them until it became a major problem.

Don't just sit and wait, throw down as much competitive bacteria as you can and take those pathogens OUT!

Plus, sauerkraut, naturally fermented pickles and kefir shakes are great tasting and add variety to your diet!

Live a Wellness Lifestyle, Everyday!

The reason I wasn't afraid to eat cantaloupe is that I have in my daily diet these protective foods. For years now I have been building a strong milieu in my body.

Since the news reports say the average age of people dying from this cantaloupe outbreak is 78, you may want to reach out to the elderly folks in your life and encourage them to add kefir or raw kombucha to their diet.

And, by the way, antibiotics are contraindicated for foodborne illness. Please get a second or third opinion if a hospital tries to give you antibiotics. The damage can be serious when antibiotics are administered.

Have a Blessed Day!


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