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Posted on 04-30-2014

Good morning!

Question: Are plastic water bottles a thing of the past? According to the makers of this new biodegradable, edible water bottle called Ooho, they really are.

According to, the Ooho, which is a blob-like water carrier, may be the answer we are looking for to completely change the way we look at the worlds water bottle recycling issues. This blob might look crazy, but when you think of the fact there are almost 50 billion plastic water bottles used by Americans each year, it makes total sense. This blob like container holds water in a double membrane.

It is said to work like an egg yolk and holds its shape very well for such a thin membrane. The skin is made up of calcium chloride & brown algae. This idea is also very cheep for manufactures. It is said to only cost only 2 cents per blob, which is good news if you need to drink a few of them to quench your thirst. One issue is, once the blob is pierced you cannot reseal it.

Therefore it is a single use item. Another problem with regards to eating the blob, is the ability to keep the outside of the blob clean before use. It will need to be stored well and used with clean hands if it is to remain fit for human consumption, although if people don’t want to eat them then they can be used in the garden or just bury them in the park with flowers on top.

Also, would it be possible to make them bigger without them breaking? A few issues that will need ironing out but, in theory, an excellent idea and maybe just what we are looking for to help make a positive impact on the world!

As many of you know plastics contain phthalates and mark my words…they will be determined to be the leading cause of cancer in the near future!  So this is a positive step not only for landfills but for our health as well!

It's your future…be there healthy with WellnessOne!  Hope you have a blessed day!  

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