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Posted on 02-07-2014


Good Morning!

In America, we feel that health is determined by what we intake or swallow according to Ben Lerner of Maximized Living. However, as we have been discussing, it is a great deal more than that, a great deal. After the death of one of the oldest living Americans in history, his family had some very interesting things to say. "We used to go by his house and bring him wine and cigars every two weeks. He always had enough cigars, but he never had enough wine."

Interestingly enough, George Burns, another centenarian, drank and smoked cigars every day. When asked how to live to 100, George Burns said, "Keep breathing."

Of course, the medical community has actually done research and continued to do studies on the positive effects of smoking and drinking. That is, of course, ridiculous, but since Europeans and George Burns do "it must be how they stay alive."

The truth is, it is Mr. Burn's sense of humor and positive disposition that kept him alive so long and not the brandy or cigars. Current research, that makes a whole lot more sense, shows it is the relaxed lifestyle of a moderate drinker and not the drug itself that causes those same health benefits. To say that there is something positive about the alcohol itself is an overstatement. What positive long term benefits are there to killing brain cells and straining your liver?

People who live long and prosper often due so despite themselves.

Some areas of health and life tend to overcome others. For example, if you focus more on dealing with and reducing life's stressors, you may be able to overcome a lack of eating well or exercising. Please note that stress is not defined by what happens to you but what you think about what happens to you. Stress is only dangerous when you feel you can not do anything about it.

On the flip side, hardcore nutrition and exercise people rarely have been found to live longer. Exercise and healthy eating are extremely important, but in many cases, the people who eat the best and exercise the most are also overdriven maniacs. If you are a stressed, "never have time" workaholic, you will suffer greatly and no amount of Vitamin C and / or jogging will overcome that. In fact, the increased worrying about getting your workout in and eating right has been proven to speed up the death process.

One octogenarian (someone 80 or over) said about exercise, "I never exercise. I have visited many of my friends' funerals who have had a heart attack while jogging, but I never had a friend die on his bar stool" (Of course, this guy walks to the store to get the paper every morning and it is a four mile round trip, but we will not tell him that that is exercise).

The biggest area I have seen predict health and longevity, despite a poor lifestyle, is within the condition of the spine and nervous system.

In our offices, we see hundreds of thousands of patients every year. One has a worse lifestyle than the next. However, thousand of times per year, very healthy 70, 80, 90, or 100 year old people will come skipping into our offices despite a history of bad food, stress, and never leaving the couch unless they were hungry or had to go to the bathroom.

In nearly EVERY case, they have a cervical curve - Arc of Life - or a healthy occiput - C1/C2 area of their spine. The reason these people have such healthy spines is they tend to have grown up in an era or in an area that did not make the same mistakes as we do today, and their habits continue to be better than the average Americans.

You do not have to travel to Europe or interview Swedes to figure out how we are destroying God's greatest creation, the human body (but it does help put things into perspective). There is one word that sums up the American philosophy of life, love, and health - CHEATERS. If there is a shortcut or we can even round the edges even a little bit, we will jump on it.

Look back at school. Does the teacher take role call? If not, you skip class. When it is test time, you find out what the least information is you need to pass or get a good grade and that is all you study. "Why read the whole book when I can get Cliff Notes or rent the movie?" In reality, you only cheated yourself by not get the education you needed or could now be enjoying today.

Work in America is the search for the least amount of time and effort for the greatest amount of pay and benefits. The Olympic motto is "Faster, higher, stronger." The American motto is "Quicker, easier, cheaper."

Unfortunately, quicker, easier, cheaper will always mean shabby, wrong, and poor quality.

Europeans understand the Law of the Farm - if you want good crops or strong animals you can not skip steps, round the edges, cut time, or avoid the work. "As ye sow, so shall ye reap."

We learn the lesson over and over again: Rather than buying the good shoes that would have lasted years, we bought the cheap ones that must be replaced in a few months and end up spending much more. The cheap computer gets outdated, and now you have to throw that one out and get the one you should have paid for in the first place. Fast food is cheap, easy, and quick.  But it is like building a house (body) out of straw. You become unstable, weak, and unhealthy. The HMO insurance is cheap, but you get poor quality health care. What is your health worth to you? If you get care for ten bucks, you just got care not worth ten bucks.

When people want to look better and lose weight, rather than diet and exercise, they want a pill. We ended up with the drug Fen-Fen. People lost weight fast and then started dropping dead of heart attacks.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people die from prescription and over the counter drugs or surgery, the shortcuts out of pain or misery. They did not want to take the time to get adjusted, correct their spine, exercise, improve eating habits, reduce intake of caffeine and chemicals, and cut out stress. It is the long, hard road, but it is also the right one.

Nothing quick and easy ever works out over time. We see it with surgery all of the time. The problem is really bothersome and the quick and easy answer is surgery. That person is in massive trouble in the next few years although in some cases they are feeling well right now.

Take your time, do it once, and do it correctly. Instant gratification is a dangerous game. Evil often pays off for days, weeks, months, and even decades. But it never pays off forever. Doing good may not pay off at all for days, weeks, month, or even decades. But it always pays off in the long run.

Americans left Europe in search of something better. The pilgrims left the pain, the depression, and the sickness caused by their situation. Somehow, centuries later, we have ended up in a much worse situation than they face in Europe.

When your culture stops working for you, it is time to start a new one.  A new one with your friends, a new one with your family, and a new one with your body. One that does not judge upon what you are told, but on what you find out. One that loves first and asks questions later. One that honors and respects itself. And most importantly, one that is willing to do the work, take the time, and spend the money to get it right. This may not pay off in the short run, but by doing the things God wants us to do, health, happiness, and success will be our reward in the end.

Do things with principle, purpose, and integrity and never for ease, popularity, and expediency, and on your death bed they will not be able to pull the sweet smile off your face. In addition, death will occur much later than it is occurring now.

God made your body. The power that made your body, still controls your body. The power that made your body heals your body. As smart as Americans are, we can not ever duplicate God's power in a lab.

There are many more promises for you beyond DEATH, TAXES, AND ARTHRITIS. Be All-American, but stop living like one.

It's your future…be there healthy with WellnessOne!  Have a blessed day!

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