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Posted on 01-30-2014


Good morning!

Did you know $25 Billion is spent each year by the pharmaceutical companies just on marketing alone! 

..., Result: The #1 cause of death in our country was the system - drugs and surgery (Google Death By Medicine

..., How can this happen?: F.D.A. is almost completely funded by the drug companies and can get approval for  just about any new drug they want, whether or not it has been shown to be safe (more info- Google search Prescription Drug User Fee Act of 1992: P.D.U.F.A.)

..., The results: The United States spends many times more on health care than any other nation; yet, we are the 2nd sickest country in the world and have the highest infant death rates and the highest chance of death at 60 and beyond in the world!

The Orlando Sentinel ran a front page article on a Florida milk scandal. Publix had made an agreement with it's milk suppliers that they did not want any milk from cows given steroids and hormones designed to increase milk production. Well, it turns out that the milk producers, FOR 10 YEARS, had been giving the steroid milk to Publix! When Publix went to stop this disaster, the milk producers sued Publix and WON! Why? The FDA says that if they say a substance or process is safe, then you can not discriminate against it.

WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING, meat from cloned cows was approved by the FDA to enter our stores and restaurants and viruses have been approved to spray on ALL your cold cuts in order to kill bacteria! Both have been deemed safe by the FDA.

Additionally, the FDA has allowed cancer warnings to be pulled off of saccharine because it has only been found to cause cancer in high amounts.

Also, the FDA has allowed refined food manufactures to put "NO TRANS FATS" on the label even though it contains "TRANS FATS." They can do this if there is less then .5g/serving. Of course they can call a "serving" any amount they want so they can cut the serving size to make this fit. You will notice that "Hydrogenated or Partially hydrogenated Oils" which are TRANS FATS are found on the label of these foods, but supposedly in "safe amounts."

IS THERE A SAFE AMOUNT OF CHEMICALS TO PUT IN YOUR BODY?! Of course not. If one gram kills you, is .5 grams safe? If ten bags of saccharine cause cancer, is one bag safe? Of course not! Whether it is a new blockbuster drug, cloned meat, aspartame, splenda, or saccharine, steroids in milk, a new food preservative, a virus spray, etc., etc., etc., IT IS BAD FOR YOU! Even though we are told that it has been "found to be safe in 'these studies,' 'this sample group,' or 'these amounts,' IT IS BAD FOR YOU!

On nearly a weekly basis, something the FDA has approved is shown to be damaging to your health or plain deadly. Drugs are pulled off the market and other drugs and chemicals approved by the FDA and still on the market are shown to cause disease and death. These are the people who approved mercury in vaccines, Diethylsybestrol, and Thalidamide (All three have killed, crippled, and defected the ones most vulnerable to these chemicals, our children.)

Isn't it ironic that the slogan of a pharmaceutical company would be to protect and preserve human life while its industry is the #1 cause of death in the U.S. today? 

Please wake up! NO CHEMICAL IS "SAFE" NO MATTER WHAT "THEY SAY."   Just because it is in the store or your trusted family physician prescribed it does not mean you need it and it clearly does not mean it will not harm your family.

Please help us to wake up others. We have got to get information on chemicals, healthy lifestyle, and a non-medical model out in a greater way to the world. Please participate in the saving of lives by sending your friends, family, and co-workers to WellnessOne!  Our phone number is 530.243.9464 or click HERE to schedule an online appointment!  With your referral and mention of this blog they will receive their examination, x-rays (if needed), and a 30 minute massage for only $37!  

It's your future…be there healthy with WellnessOne! Have a blessed day!

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