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Posted on 01-28-2014


Good Morning!

The New York Times reported "Steven P. Kazmierczak stopped taking Prozac before he shot to death five Northern Illinois University students and himself" his girlfriend said Sunday, in a remark likely to fuel the debate over the risks and benefits of drug treatment for emotional problems.

"Over the years the antidepressant Prozac and its cousins, including Paxil and Zoloft, have been linked to suicide and violence in hundreds of patients. Tens of millions of people have taken them, and Doctors say it is almost impossible to tell whether the spasms of violence stem in part from drug reactions or the underlying illnesses."

New testimonies from Northern Illinois University gunman's girlfriend told authorities that her boyfriend had been on three medications prescribed to him by a psychologist. The drugs included Ambien (a sleep agent), Prozac (antidepressant), and Xanax (anxiety). If that sounds familiar, you would have recently heard similar drugs being taken by both the late Professional Wrestler Chris Benoit and the late Actor Heath Ledger.

The psychologist said, "The three drug combination was not necessarily either unusual or dangerous." However, each of these killings or suicides somehow all involved someone on these types of medications.

The side effects associated with ALL three of these drugs is known to be "suicidal thoughts and agitation."

Side Effects Listed for Prozac:

* Mood or behavior changes
* Anxiety, panic attacks 
* Trouble sleeping
* You feel impulsive
* Irritable, agitated, hostile, aggressive, restless
* Hyperactive (mentally or physically)
* More depressed
* Thoughts about Suicide or hurting yourself

Side Effects Listed for Ambien:

* Confusion
* Depressed mood (Suicidal thoughts)
* Hallucinations (seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not really there)
* Lightheadedness, fainting spells or falls
* Restlessness, excitability, or feelings of agitation
* Sleepwalking or performing other activities while asleep
* Slurred speech or difficulty with coordination
* Vision changes

"Sleep medicines sometimes cause a type of memory loss, in which the person may not remember what has happened in the several hours after taking the medication" quoted

Side Effects Listed for Xanax:

* Unusual risk-taking behavior, decreased inhibitions, no fear of danger;
* Depressed mood, thoughts of Suicide or hurting yourself;
* Hyperactivity, agitation, hostility, hallucinations;
* Feeling light-headed, fainting;
* Seizure (convulsions);
* Urinating less than usual or not at all;
* Muscle twitching, tremor; or
* Jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes)

NEW YORK TIMES February 19, 2008

"The drug labels warn about agitation and severe restlessness, and display a prominent caution that the medications increase the risk of suicidal thinking and behavior in some children and young adults."

Sara Bostock of Atherton, California whose daughter committed suicide shortly after taking Paxil, acknowledged that the interaction between drug effects and underlying emotional distress was hard to untangle.

Ms. Bostock wrote in an e-mail message, "As an observer and (Daughter's) suicide survivor, my main wish is that medical professionals, regulatory authorities and other scientists will examine closely the entire medical and treatment history of the perpetrators of these violent incidents in which innocent people are victims."

She is a founder of, a website that has tallied 2,000 news reports of violent acts in which people were thought to be taking antidepressants or had recently stopped them. "If it weren't for us, many of these stories would be lost to oblivion forever" Ms. Bostock said.

Psychiatrists say the debate on such side effects, particularly suicide in the last four years, has driven many patients from drugs that could help save their lives. However, the point is ALL of the mass murders and suicides in the media, Columbine, Northern Illinois, Virginia Tech, the Pro Wrestler, the mall shooter, Anna Nicole Smith and her son, Andrea Yates, and many more, were already on these drugs and therefore under psychiatric evaluation!

Even more recent media tragedies, like the untimely death of Heath Ledger or Britney Spears who has been on endless anti-psychotics, are all or in part victims of drugs.

Depression is rarely a brain issue. But it is always treated as one by using medications. Typically there is a cause, which goes unaddressed when simply taking a drug. Drugs prescribed that cause very specific biochemical reactions.

Depression is predominantly a degenerative, lifestyle related disease due to radically insufficient attention to one or more of the five essentials of Maximized Living.

Multiple areas of lifestyle affect hormone levels and serotonin. Simply using a drug to stop the uptake of serotonin is radically oversimplifying the situation and results in many, many side effects.

Look first for causes that can be addressed below. If all else fails, then it may need medical intervention. But all rarely fails.


Step 1: Become toxic. Modern medications, modern foods, and chemically based household products have toxins that remain in the system and destroy hormonal function and alter physiology.

Step 2: Do not get adjusted. Allow your neck (cervical spine) to shift forward, lose its normal curve, and degenerate. Make sure the top two vertebrae in the neck stay out of alignment so the area where the spinal cord interacts with the brain completely breaks down and causing diseases related to brain function.

Step 3: Eat this way

1. A diet high in carbohydrates so that you can leave a constant level of insulin in the system which lowers serotonin levels and causes inflammation.

2. A diet deficient in Omega 3 and proficient in Omega 6, which Oxford and Harvard have found to be the first factor to address regarding depression.

3. A diet high in grains and sugars and low in vegetables, giving you acid PH levels.

4. Drink a lot of Cokes and lattes. Stimulants, sugars, and artificial additives are great for brain function.

5. Do not supplement. Rely on processed foods for all your nutrients.

Step 4: Warning, do not exercise! A sedentary lifestyle has many damaging effects to function and mental health. That is why exercise consistently matches or exceeds the benefits of antidepressants in studies.

Step 5: Hate people, don't forgive, be right all the time, sleep less than 8 hours every night, and if you have been through emotional traumas, by all means, do not get any help from a professional counselor or work with God!


Depression and Suicide are extremely tough and sensitive issues. Rather than, however, succumbing to the victim of a "bad brain" mentality, it is always better to take a proactive approach first. You will always improve and there are no side effects!

If you would like some help with your nutrition and eating habits…WellnessOne is here to help you navigate the sea of misinformation to put you on a path of proven wellness.  We have many tools at our disposal to help you with your craving to eliminate "binge" eating, "emotional" eating, and frankly food addiction.  Give us a call at 530.243.9464 or make an appointment online by clicking HERE.

It's your future…be there healthy with WellnessOne!  Have a blessed day…lets hope for some rain!

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