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Posted on 01-24-2014


Good morning!

I'm often asked by those who are sick on a regular basis what they can do to improve their health.  The following are the 5 essential principals for a healthy working body that resists illness:

1. Exercise increases immunity to Cancer, Allergies, infections, etc, by 30 - 80%, depending on what research you read. Therefore, if you are inactive, your immune system is 30-80% depleted, less active, and efficient.

2. Sugar, caffeine, chemicals, refined carbohydrates, fried (and fast) foods, and any processed foods all deplete the immune system. Additionally, they lack any real nutrients and therefore not give the organs essential to immunity the nutrition they so desperately need. On the other hand, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, and seeds all support and boost immunity and pack it full of vital nutrients.

3. Negative stress zaps nutrients from the immune system and dramatically depletes immune energy. This is a double dose of immune damage.

4. Antibiotics kill the bad bacteria, but also destroy the important bacteria necessary for a healthy, immune body. So ironically, while antibiotics may help deal with a cold or flu, the net is in reality more sickness.

5. Flu vaccines, more so than other drugs, contain many harmful products like mercury and aluminum. Unless your body is significantly immune deficient, you absolutely refuse to take care of yourself, or you are in an emergency state; the less often you use medication (if at all) the better. All chemicals lower health and immunity, the most toxic of which are drugs.

So get up and move every day, make 80% of your diet foods that contain actual nutrients and are foods that don't kill immunity, and learn to manage your time and reprogram the way you look at life so as not to suffer from the deadly effects of stress. When seeing a physician, ask if you really need the drugs. Most assume you want them or feel pressured. I have found that if you ask if you can go on without them, they will give you some time to heal without the use of dangerous medications. If your body does not heal, you may in fact need the drugs.

What about your skin? Your skin is the reflection of your blood stream. Toxins floating around in the intestine and poisons in the blood stream will eventually show themselves as blemishes, acne, discolorations, and wrinkles. A healthy blood stream with the right kinds of fats to help balance hormones will give you your best chance at cleaner, younger looking skin. In other words, all that we mentioned to improve immunity also improves your skin, without the use of dangerous prescriptions and antibiotics.

Of course proper spinal alignment is critical for any of this to work.  Chiropractic is your answer and should be the core of your healthcare team.  Give WellnessOne a call to schedule an appointment with our staff of well qualified, experienced Doctors of Chiropractic!  Call 530.243.9464 or click HERE to make an online appointment!

It's your future…be there healthy with WellnessOne!  Have a blessed weekend!

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