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Posted on 12-04-2013


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In the August 2013 edition of of the Canadian Family physician, a peer reviewed medical journal, found Chiropractic is extremely beneficial in mediating this age old painful problem.

The question many doctors including the authors of this study ask: Many of my pregnant patients have muscle and joint aches, and are reluctant to use analgesics. What is known about chiropractic care during pregnancy?


1) “Musculoskeletal pain is extremely common among pregnant women, with approximately 20% of pregnant women experiencing pelvic girdle pain, and 50% to 85% experiencing low back pain.”

2) In the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy, a woman’s center of mass shifts anteriorly, causing an increase in lumbar lordosis, “which causes low back and pelvic girdle pain.” “The root cause of much pelvic pain during pregnancy might be mechanical (stemming from the low back or sacral joints) as opposed to hormonal.”

3) “Owing to fears of the potential effects of medications, many women are unsure of what to do about low back and pelvic pain during pregnancy.”

4) “Increasing recent evidence attests to the effectiveness and safety of treating [pregnancy low back and pelvic girdle] pain using manual therapy.”

5) “Chiropractors, as primary health care professionals, have the ability to identify and diagnose mechanical problems and to alleviate many cases of undue stress or anxiety. Chiropractic doctors are also trained to understand when symptoms are indicative of something more ominous and to refer the patient to the appropriate professional if a nonmechanical issue is suspected.”

6) “Massage therapy and chiropractic care, including spinal manipulation, are highly safe and effective evidence-based options for pregnant women suffering from mechanical low back and pelvic pain.” “Massage therapy and chiropractic care, including spinal manipulation, are highly safe and effective evidence-based options for pregnant women suffering from mechanical low back and pelvic pain.”

7) “Common sacroiliac joint dysfunction can often cause substantial pelvic pain and can be relieved with a simple adjustment by a chiropractor in minutes.”

8) The specific muscles that need to be relaxed to decrease mechanical pain can be easily identified by a chiropractor.

9) Acupuncture and spinal manipulation can be used to relax acute muscle pain or spasm.

10) Chiropractors can prescribe exercise and stretches specific to their patients’ needs.

11) “In a 2008 survey of American midwives, 57.3% recommended complementary and alternative therapies, with chiropractic care being the third most popular choice.” Many chiropractors work closely with midwives. [Zerdecki L, Passmore S. Chiropractic evaluation and management of the pregnant patient: an update from recent literature. Midwifery Today Int Midwife; 2008;(87):28-9, 67-8.]

12) Overall, “87% of patients demonstrate a high level of satisfaction with their chiropractic experience.”
[Coulter ID, Hurwitz EL, Adams AH, Genovese BJ, Hays R, Shekelle PG. Patients using chiropractors in North America: who are they, and why are they in chiropractic care? Spine; Feb 1, 2002, Vol. 27; No. 3, pp. 291-296.]

13) “Women experiencing musculoskeletal pain related to pregnancy can greatly benefit from manual therapies, including spinal manipulation, acupuncture, and massage therapy.”

If you or someone you know is pregnant, please refer them to our facility.  Everyone knows the aches and pains associated with pregnancy can by horrendous.  Here at WellnessOne we provide Chiropractic AND Acupuncture as described in this study to help!  Call 530.243.9464 or to make an appointment online click HERE.

It's your future…be there healthy with WellnessOne!  Have a blessed and hopefully warm day!

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