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Posted on 11-08-2013


Good morning!

Many people have related their sigh of relief that the FDA is going to be banning trans fatty acids.  These fatty acids are indeed the #1 of heart disease (not cholesterol like you may have been told).  I want to warn you that the FDA is not a government organization in my opinion that can be trusted.  For years they have required labeling of trans fats on packages.  The problem is…the FDA's own rules allow for 0.5g of trans fat "per serving" and the manufacturer can still claim zero trans fat on the label.  Think about that for a moment…how many foods come in a package that have more than "1 serving." I'd say most!  Anytime you see in the ingredients about partially hydrogenated oils…THATS TRANS FAT!  

These fats nick your arteries and when you eat a lot of low glycemic foods including sugars and all refined grains it causes cholesterol to become sticky and you can see where all that leads to clogged arteries.  This study from the 04/13/2006 New England Journal of Medicine shows how trans fats are rampant in our fast foods!


“The daily intake of about 5 g of trans fat is associated with a 25 percent increase in the risk of ischemic heart disease. For this reason, it is recommended that the consumption of trans fat be as low as possible.”

“We determined the content of industrially produced trans fatty acids in 43 servings of fast foods bought in 20 countries between November 2004 and September 2005. The foods (chicken nuggets and french fries) were purchased from McDonald's and KFC outlets.”

“The content of trans fatty acids varied from less than 1 g in Denmark and Germany to 10 g in New York (McDonald's) and 24 g in Hungary (KFC). Fifty percent of the 43 servings contained more than 5 g per serving — the amount of daily intake associated with a 25 percent increase in the risk of ischemic heart disease.”

“The cooking oil used for french fries in McDonald's outlets in the United States and Peru contained 23 percent and 24 percent trans fatty acids, respectively, whereas the oils used for french fries in many European countries contained only about 10 percent trans fatty acids, with some countries as low as 5 percent (Spain) and 1 percent (Denmark).”

“At KFC, some values for trans fatty acid content were above 30 percent.”

“Owing to the very high content of industrially produced trans fatty acids in certain fast foods, in many countries it is possible to consume 10 to 25 g of these trans fatty acids in one day and for habitual consumers of large amounts of this food to have an average daily intake far above 5 g.”


Trans fats are very damaging to health. Various jurisdictions in the United States and other countries are legislating the reduction or elimination of trans fats in foods. This article reinforces the magnitude of the trans-fat problem in commercially available fast foods. Keep your family's diet as organic and least processed as possible!

If you have any questions, WellnessOne is here to help.  We now offer nutritional testing and counseling!  Give us a call at 530.243.9464 or click HERE to make an appointment online!

It's your future…be there healthy with WellnessOne!  Have a blessed Veteran's Day weekend!

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