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Posted on 10-24-2013


I know I know…scary right!  Hello and good morning North State!

This research came out of the Journal of Physiological Chemistry and Physics and Medical MNR in September of 2011.  It is a complex paper that I will attempt to make easy to understand.


1) Eight multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and 7 normal volunteers were MRI scanned on a 0.6 T scanner using a special technique to visualize cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) flow pattern.  This fluid is what bathes your spinal cord and brain. The scans were performed in both the upright and recumbent positions using the FONAR UPRIGHT(R) Multi-PositionTM MRI.

2) An important benefit of MRI technology is the ability to visualize the plaque lesions of Multiple Sclerosis.

3) The advent of phase coded MRI imaging has made it possible to visualize and quantify the dynamic flow of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) within the cranial vault and spinal canal.

4) UPRIGHT(R) Multi-PositionTM MRI scanning has uncovered a key set of new observations regarding Multiple Sclerosis (MS), which observations are likely to provide a new understanding of the origin of MS.

5) “The UPRIGHT(R) MRI has demonstrated pronounced anatomic pathology of the cervical spine in five of the MS patients studied and definitive cervical pathology in the other three. The pathology was the result of prior head and neck trauma.” [KEY POINT]

6) Seven of 8 MS patients in this study had a history of serious prior cervical trauma which resulted in significant cervical pathology. The cervical pathology was visualized by UPRIGHT(R) MRI.

7) “Upright cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) cinematography and quantitative measurements of CSF velocity, CSF flow and CSF pressure gradients in the upright patient revealed that significant obstructions to CSF flow were present in all MS patients. The obstructions are believed to be responsible for CSF ‘leakages’ of CSF from the ventricles into the surrounding brain parenchyma which ‘leakages’ can be the source of the MS lesions in the brain that give rise to MS symptomatology.”

8) The CSF flow obstructions are believed to result in increases in intracranial (inside the skull) pressure (ICP) that generate ‘leakages’ of the CSF into the surrounding brain parenchyma (cells and associated structures).

9) In 7 of 8 MS patients, anatomic pathologies and CSF flow abnormalities were found to be more severe in the upright position than in the recumbent position.

10) “Traditionally the symptom-generating lesions in the brain and spinal cord of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients are ascribed to tissue specific autoimmune interactions.”

11) Abnormal CSF flows were found in all eight MS patients. “The abnormal CSF flows corresponded with the cranio-cervical structural abnormalities found on the patients’ MRI images.

12) “Every MS patient exhibited obstructions to their CSF flow when examined by phase coded CSF cinematography (study in motion…like a video) in the upright position.”

13) “All MS patients exhibited CSF flow abnormalities that were manifest on MRI cinematography as interruptions to flow or outright flow obstructions somewhere in the cervical spinal canal, depending on the location and extent of their cervical spine pathology. Normal examinees did not display these flow obstructions.”

14) “Trauma may have a causative role in the onset of MS.” [Important]

15) “All seven patients had distinct cervical anatomic pathology on their current MRI images that corresponded with their trauma histories, thereby establishing that the historical trauma events contributed directly to their permanent pathologies of the cervical spine and that their cervical trauma histories were not immaterial.”

16) “Four had received neck injuries in motor vehicle accidents, three of which were whiplash injuries, and the fourth a “reverse whiplash” (neck flexion preceding neck extension) injury. A fifth, patient was involved in a severe motor vehicle accident at age 2–3 that “totalled” the car in which she was riding without a seat belt or infant seat.”

17) “In all but two of the patients the trauma preceded the onset of MS symptoms by more than 8 years.”

18) “The abnormal CSF flow dynamics found in the MS patients of this study corresponded to the MRI cervical pathology that was visualized.” [Key Point]

19) “The findings raise the possibility that interventions might be considered to restore normal intracranial CSF flow dynamics and intracranial pressure (ICP).” [Important as this is what Chiropractors do!]

20) The elevated peak CSF velocities measured in the MS patients indicate elevated intracranial pressures (ICP) in these MS patients. The elevated ICP is the origin of the CSF “leaks” that appear in MS patients.

21) “The most important finding of this study is that cerebrospinal fluid ‘leaks’ from the ventricles of the brain into surrounding brain parenchyma, possibly secondary to trauma induced blockages of CSF flow and resulting increases in ICP, may be playing an important etiologic role in the genesis of Multiple Sclerosis.”

22) Protein is the principal ingredient, other than water, of the cerebrospinal fluid. These authors suggest that the “leakage” of these CSF antigenic proteins, could be the source of the antigens generating the autoimmune reactions known to be the origin of MS lesions.

23) Trauma induced “leakage” of CSF antigenic proteins into the surrounding brain parenchyma is contributing to the formation of MS plaques.

24) “The findings further suggest that going forward, victims of Motor Vehicle Whiplash injuries with persisting symptoms, e.g., headache, neck pain, should be scanned by UPRIGHT(R) MRI to assure that their CSF hydrodynamics and cervical anatomy (C1-C7) are normal. Should their CSF hydrodynamics prove abnormal, they should be monitored by UPRIGHT(R) MRI to assure they are restoring to normal over time, or ultimately decompressed by expansion stenting or cervical realignment if they are not.”

25) “In conclusion, the results of our investigation suggest that Multiple Sclerosis may be biomechanical in origin wherein traumatic injuries to the cervical spine result in cervical pathologies that impede the normal circulation of CSF to and from the brain.” “The obstruction to CSF outflow would result in an increase in ventricular CSF pressure (ICP) which in turn could result in ‘leakage’ of cerebrospinal fluid and its content antigenic proteins (e.g., tau proteins) into surrounding brain parenchyma. The attachment of antigenic proteins to surrounding brain nerve fibers would stimulate the antigen-antibody reactions that produce the axon demyelinations (nerve wasting away) characteristic of MS.”


This is an important article and adds to the growing body of evidence that Chiropractic care to restore cervical (neck) curves, particularly after an accident is crucial! These authors suggest that cervical spine trauma and malalignment obstructs the flow of cerebral spinal fluid. This obstruction of CSF flow increases intracranial pressure, causing cerebral spinal fluid to leak out, along with antigenic proteins. The immune system’s response to these antigenic proteins cause the demyelination of multiple sclerosis.

These authors suggest that the improvement of spinal malalignment (Chiropractic) could improve cerebral spinal fluid flow, stopping the aforementioned cascade to MS. In fact, in one of the MS patients, the UPRIGHT MRI found a malalignment of C-1 (top of the neck at the base of the skull). This malalignment “was successfully treated by Dr. Scott Rosa, using the Atlas Orthogonal (AO) instrumentation" form of Chiropractic. “The patient's symptoms, severe vertigo accompanied by vomiting when recumbent and stumbling from unequal leg length, ceased upon treatment.” Objective improvements in obstructed CSF fluid was also noted “immediately following treatment" with the Chiropractic.

If you would like to see some images associated with this study, Fonar Upright MRI has posted them on their website and can be viewed by clicking HERE.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident….be sure to have the see their physician for pain medications and to rule out fracture, etc.  Then THE NEXT DAY get them in to WellnessOne. Our staff Chiropractors are highly trained in caring and actually FIXING the damages from accidents.  Medication is for comfort, Chiropractic is for the fix.  Give us a call at 243-9464 or to make an appointment on the web click HERE.

It's your future…be there healthy with WellnessOne!  

Have a blessed day everyone!

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