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Posted on 09-11-2013


Good morning health nuts!

As many of you know, going to the doctor can be scary. For some patients it causes a rise in blood pressure that gives the appearance of hypertension or high blood pressure.  Currently, there are approximately 68 million people in the U.S. who are diagnosed with either high blood pressure or mild - stage 1 hypertension.

The latest review conducted by the Cochrane Collaboration, which provides independent analyses of medical data, suggests that many patients with stage 1 hypertension are over-treated and subjected to the possible harms of drug treatment without any benefit.

According to, “A very recent study is now turning 30 years of medical dogma along with the associated drugging on its head. The latest independent experts now report that blood pressure drugsused to treat mild cases of high blood pressure not only do not reduce heart attacks, strokes, or overall deaths, but that they come with a litany of nasty "side effects" from loss of libido to sudden pain, urinary infections, asthma symptoms, insomnia, depression, coughing, rashes, dizziness, drowsiness, constipation, diarrhea and on and on. One of the "side effects" of these unnecessary medications is death.

KNOW THIS: We must always remember that drugs DO NOT CURE, they only make repeat customers!
According to Craig Stellpflug, a cancer nutrition specialist, “The best way to assure that a patient comes down with a disease is to treat with drugs before it is a problem. There is an actual medical term out there called "disease creep." Disease creep happens when patients with risk factors for a condition or even just a mild case of a disease are treated and drugged with the same medications and treatments as patients with severe cases. In these cases, it is easy for deleterious drug effects to overwhelm any benefit.”
Jay Siwek, editor of the journal American Family Physician, notes that disease creep can be seen in the recently created concept of "predisease" - such as "prehypertension" or "prediabetes." Big Pharma loves their profits. Starting people on a medication when they only have a risk factor and there is no evidence of actual disease multiplies Big Pharma profits by getting more people on even more medications for far longer periods of time.
KNOW THIS: Treating symptoms with the cause left unremoved is disastrous!
Putting duck tape over the flashing engine light on your dashboard does nothing but ignore the cause while your problem worsens.

Here at WellnessOne we have many natural solutions to our healths most daunting ailments.  Remember YOU are natural and require NATURAL solutions!  Putting synthetic chemicals and/or removing organs is not a road to health.  Proactivity is the key and we can help!  Give us a call at 243-9464 to schedule an appointment for a health review and plan to put you back in the right direction!

It's your there healthy with WellnessOne!

Have a blessed day!

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