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Posted on 09-03-2013

Germs and Viruses Do Not Cause Colds!

Good morning!

The following was taken from Dr. Dennis T. Jaffe, Ph.D., in his books “Healing From Within,” made this statement:

“Of course, disease-producing micro-organisms are always present, but usually they can be fought off successfully.  However, some individuals never get sick, while others pick up every cold in the neighborhood.  So although the germ may be one of the essential and contributing causes, it alone is not sufficient to produce illness.”

Yes, some people “pick up every cold in the neighborhood.”  WHY? The answer is resistance. The resistance factors of the human body are the most important factors in maintaining health.  Germs are always with us but commonly the body fights them off successfully.  Inside your body you will find most of the organisms that afflict mankind in disease and if they are not found inside our bodies, most certainly they are found in abundance in the world around us. The famous French physiologist, Claude Bernard, was correct when he stated:

“Illnesses hover constantly above us, their seeds blown by the wind, but they do not set in the terrain unless the terrain is ready to receive them.”

The common cold is a perfect example, if the virus was the cause everybody would come down with a “cold” every year.  So many people acquire this common malady that no one would be able to avoid it.   The virus is all around us, “blown by the wind” as Claude Bernard stated.  Think about the medical doctors, the chiropractors, the nurses, the dentists - why don’t they continually get colds; after all they see sick people day in and day out.  Doctors of Chiropractic even lay their hands upon sick germ ridden people all of the time.  Why then aren’t the doctors continually sick?  Do they get an immunity with their diploma?  Now I’m not really trying to be silly nor am I trying to chide you, but the developer of chiropractic, Dr. B.J. Palmer stated:

“If the germ theory of disease were correct there would be no one living to believe it.”

When you think about it a minute, you realize that he was absolutely right.  Now most certainly germs and viruses are involved in the pathology of diseases, but pathology is a symptom of the disease process, not the cause.   First the body must be malfunctioning or in a weakened state (lowered resistance), before most so called infectious diseases can “strike.”  Actually disease does not really even “strike” as most of the germs and viruses involved in diseases are found within us all the time. A healthy body comprehends them, lives in harmony with them, and they cause no harm.

“The philosophic view of bacteria is to consider them necessary to life as the minute chemists of the air, the water, and the soil.”

                                                Charles H. Mayo, M.D.

Yes, germs will always be with us, they are intended to be there.   But you say, what has chiropractic  care got to do with germs?  Chiropractic teaches that health maintenance care through regular spinal adjustments creates a strong and healthy body, less susceptible to disease.  Thirty-one pair of nerves emit from between the vertebrae of the spinal column.  When vertebrae becomesubluxated (misaligned) they can interfere with normal nerve transmission and cause malfunction.  This is commonly seen in the so called “pinched nerve” problems of neuritis, neuralgia, sciatica, numbness of the hands and feet, headaches, etc.  These problems often bring patients into the chiropractors office.  But the spinal nerves also influence the entire organic system of the human body. Chiropractors focus attention on keeping the entire body free from nerve interference through adjusting spinal subluxations.  In this way regular chiropractic care promotes a high state of health.  You see the nervous system directly controls the immune system, nerve interference can cause lowered resistance, malfunction, and a poor state of health that sets the stage for infections, disease, and, yes, the “common cold.”

Chiropractors usually suggest that patients seek chiropractic care on a once a month basis.  If you’ve ever been to a chiropractors office you will often see the same people there time and time again.  These people are frequently healthy and well, they choose to maintain a good state of health through chiropractic care. No one forces them to keep going to a chiropractor, as no one forces a person to see their dentist regularly.  Those who CARE about their bodies take CARE of their bodies.   They follow a physical moral code of good diet, good activity, good rest, good hygiene and regular chiropractic care.  Chiropractic helps prevent health problems from striking.

Remember when symptoms occur a problem has already occurred.  Chiropractic care suggests taking care of the body to prevent the symptoms of disease from occurring.  In fact chiropractors really do not claim to cure any disease.  The adjustment of the spine simply restores proper nerve supply and the body then affects its own cure.  Keeping the body free of nerve interference allows the body to function properly and develops a strong healthy immune system that serves as a barrier against disease.  Disease is not so much the virulence of attacking OUTSIDE organisms as it is the resistance of the internal INSIDE mechanisms that produce a healthy body.   It is that strong resistance that prevents many people from ever having the so called “common cold.”  So if “cold” problems are your problem, why not try regular chiropractic care.  D.D. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, stated in 1910:

“In the near future Chiropractic will be as much valued for its preventative qualities as it now is for adjusting and relieving the cause of ailments.”

Once you feel within you own body the difference chiropractic care makes, you too may be one of those people who often say, “ I go to my chiropractor regularly.” For a happy, healthy life, stay well through chiropractic care.

Lets make this cold and flu season different.  Lets be PROactive with your health instead of REactive!  Make an appointment for your family to be seen by one of our staff Chiropractors here at WellnessOne.  Please call 243-9464 and our friendly staff will get you the soonest possible appointment.  

It's your there healthy with WellnessOne!  Have a blessed day!

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