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Posted on 04-30-2013


Good morning!

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued alarming news in their March 2013 bulletin.  The reported that untreatable, antibiotic-resistant infections from a rare but life-threatening super bug are on the rise in United States hospitals. Early in 2012, close to 200 hospitals and long-term care facilities treated at least one person infected with bacteria from the Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) family, and 50% of patients who contract bloodstream CRE infections will die. These bacteria can spread among patients and on the hands of health care workers. This kind of transmission can produce new deadly infections for hospital patients, and potentially for normally healthy people as well. To date, nearly all CRE infections occur in people receiving medical care in hospitals, long-term care facilities, or nursing homes.

Folks, these so-called superbugs beat our antibiotics every time and history is showing this. After the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan in WW2 they were able to identify bacterial adaptation to the blast of the nuke!  Do you really think our antibiotics are going to beat these things?  We need to learn to survive with them and reserve antibiotic use for emergency situations only (e.g. surgery, gunshot wounds, etc).  NEVER ask for antibiotics when you are seeing your doctor.  Your physician does not need patient supervision to decide appropriate medicine (despite what the BIG PHARMA drugs ads on TV tell you).  

Often physicians are afraid you will go to the doc down the street if they do not succumb to your request.  This is one of the many reasons antibiotics are used where they really aren't needed and promotes these superbugs

Keep in mind, antibiotics for ear infections are RARELY needed.  In fact 90% of ear infections are viral of which antibiotics are of NO USE.  If you are looking for solutions for boosting your immune function, give our office a call!  We have many great natural solutions that are scientifically designed to boost your health!

Its your there healthy with WellnessOne!  Have a blessed day!


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