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Posted on 04-08-2013


Good Morning!

In February 2013, the Medical Journal of Australia published the most recently discovered risk factors for osteoporosis.  These include: inadequate dietary calcium intake, vitamin D deficiency, lack of regular weight-bearing exercise, cigarette smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption.

One nutrient that strangely was left out was the phosphoric acid or phosphates in our diet which leech calcium from bones.  As you know osteoporosis is weak or brittle bones due to calcium loss.  Many folks get this confused with osteoarthritis which is "generalized arthritis" if you will.

One thing to keep in mind is our country consumes more calcium than any other country in the world, yet we have the highest levels of osteoporosis.  Its really due to the phosphates in our processed foods.  Start looking at your labels.  You can add water to a leaky bucket only for so long before you need to plug the bucket.  If your physician is considering a medication such as Fosamax, give our office a call so we can assess if there are any natural ways to fix the issue.  Be sure if you are over 50 to get a dexa bone density scan and get one every couple years using the EXACT SAME MACHINE.  These machines work within very little tolerances so any variation can skew your results.

 Have a blessed day!


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