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Posted on 10-02-2012

Good morning!

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed while at work? The demands of your daily workload and personal responsibilities can make it difficult to healthfully manage your stress level. Believe me I am well aware of this!  When I first went into practice in 2000 my mentor, Dr. Gary Anglen, told me that I better get used to wearing several hats.  He said you will have a doctor hat, dad hat, husband hat, friend hat and the many other hats we all have.  Managing your time and being aware of the stresses these areas of life are an important part of your health strategy!

Here is what you can do to look at yourself and rise above work place "hats" so to speak:

1. Take a mental break. With never ending things to do and deadlines at work, it is easy to forget to take a break and refresh your body. Sedentary jobs that involve mostly writing, typing and processing verbal information primarily use the left side of the brain. To avoid so called "left-brain overload," give your brain a break each hour by walking vigorously for a few minutes. Simply walk up and down stairs or take a quick walk around your building. The movements of walking not only engages both sides of the brain, but it also enhances blood circulation and provides more oxygen to the brain increasing your stamina and ultimately your productivity.

2. Leave your ego at home. In the working world, it's common to receive constructive feedback from your supervisor, manager or even co-workers on daily basis. It's important that you do not perceive critical feedback or offhanded comments too personally. Receiving constructive criticism is an essential element to learning, so keep a positive view and use the feedback as motivation to improve.

3. Prorities. If your workload seems like too much, you need to first list your tasks by priority, and then focus on just one task at a time. When your plate is full and you have multiple projects to work on, it's easy to procrastinate and work on the mindless, less stressful tasks first. When you arrive at the office each day, make a list your projects and organize them based on the level of importance. This helps us stay focused on one task at a time and keep us on track to achieve our goals.

4. Stay away from workplace drama. Workplace drama is very common and can cause tense work environments. You want to treat your co-workers with respect and kindness, however you cannot allow yourself to be drawn into dramatic situations at work. Keep your boundaries clear and refuse to engage in any type of worksite drama or gossip. 

5. Gain a natural perspective. It is easy to overlook what is right in front of you while while handling life. Take breaks to throughout the day to reflect on your surroundings. Nature is known to have a natural healing component, so step outside during the day to appreciate the natural beauty around you. If you work in an office or indoor setting, put a plant in your office to bring nature inside or look out a window at the sky and receive sunlight into your eyes. This will help put your job and life into perspective as you acknowledge the broader world that you live in.  The sun light will also activate your reticular activating pathways in your brain and help your mental alterness.

6. Be sure to set boundaries. Set boundaries to allow separation of work versus non-work during your day. Keep your work life at the office and your personal life at home. When you keep the two separate, it will result in a better work-life balance and a happier self.

Have a blessed day!


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