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Posted on 08-23-2012

Good Morning North State!

So summer is coming to an end and school is almost here. With busy summer activities being crammed in at the last minute, your child may have lost touch with one of their favorite classmates. One way to alleviate their concerns or anxiety about school is by scheduling a play date with a friend or two from school.

Outdoor Play Dates
Take the kids on a hike.  Kids love to explore new places and this is a perfect activity to allow them to do so while learning to love nature and being active. If you really want to go out of your way to make it fun, arrange a scavenger hunt for them with items like: Blue jay, butterfly, pink flower, purple flower, stick that looks like a letter of the alphabet, body of water, rock with special markings, maybe far away but visible objects, etc.

Play water balloon tag or launch a water balloon with a slingshot design for this purpose in the air and see which kids catch it (hint: 99% the balloon breaks all over them). When it is still hot, kids will embrace the idea of heading into the heat when swimsuits and water games are involved. All you will need is 50-75 water balloons. Explain to the children that one person will be “it.” Instead of using their hand to tag the others, they will have to throw a water balloon at them. Once hit, the players switch to the other team and become a larger team of “its.” You can make a whole afternoon of water gun fights and slip and slide activities to create memories that will build a solid childhood foundation.

Head to the San Francisco zoo or Discovery Kingdom. Believe it or not, your kids will burn off a ton of energy running from one animal exhibit to the other. You can make a game of it by having them race from one to the other, but the catch is they have to move like the last animal they saw, not just run.

Take the kids to the lake and actually get in the water with them!  You may find your inner child through play with your own kids! Hopefully these tips will help you be able to maintain an active and well balanced child throughout the school year.

Have a blessed last bit of summer gang!


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