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Posted on 08-01-2012


An upcoming vaccine contains a genetically engineered virus designed to infect the liver, forcing it to make antibodies to attack nicotine as reported by  In other words, its purpose is to genetically engineer humans to control behavior.

They’re already talking about giving it to children.

The vaccine contains a virus genetically engineered to carry an artificial anti-nicotine antibody called NIC9D9. The genetically engineered virus is called AAVantiNic.

After injection, its purpose is to infect the liver, forcing DNA changes that result in production of NIC9D9.

If it works as planned, this genetic change will be permanent. This is not like most disease vaccines, which cause the body to create antibodies against an injected substance. The artificial nature of that process results in the antibody production being temporary, thus requiring repeat doses of the vaccine.

In the case of this antismoking vaccine, a genetic change is forced, resulting in DNA changes in the liver so it permanently produces unnatural antibodies.

Another worrisome issue is that the Scripps Research Institute has patented NIC9D9(1). What will it mean if people are walking around with a patented antibody in their systems? In the case of plants, corporations like Monsanto claim to own them when they contain patented genes. In the case of animals, such as salmon and pigs, the same thing is true. What will stop claims of ownership over your own body if it’s been injected with AAVantiNic?

The Vaccine’s Status

The artificial anti-nicotine antibody, NIC9D9, was first developed and tested on mice to see if it could interfere with nicotine metabolism in mice(2). That proved successful, but limited, because it had to be reapplied frequently.

Therefore, the idea of genetically engineering it into a virus and then injecting that virus to intentionally infect the liver was concocted. That has now been tested in mice, too(3). The markers chosen to determine whether its effective, primarily mouse activity and antibody titers, seem to demonstrate a remarkable degree of effectiveness.

This vaccine is very close to human testing. Any volunteers?

Nicotine’s Beneficial Effects

None of this furor to engineer the creation of artificial antibodies against nicotine consider that nicotine has beneficial effects. Nicotine patches are known to slow the progress of Alzheimer’s disease, and even to return mental function. It limits flare-ups in Crohn’s disease and boosts the growth of blood vessels. It shouldn’t be surprising that people who are depressed are more likely to smoke, because nicotine is a mood elevator.

The AAVantiNic vaccine would prevent the use of nicotine in any of its beneficial aspects.

Questions that Must Be Addressed

  • Who has the right to force a behavior on people? That’s what’s planned. The issue isn’t whether smoking is harmful. The issue is whether people should have the right to choose to smoke.
  • What about the beneficial uses of nicotine? If its effect is permanently blocked, then those people who might have benefited will lose the option.
  • Who has the right to interfere with any human being’s genetics, not to mention tinkering with the genetics of a growing child?
  • Who has the right to intentionally introduce an infection in the hope that it will have a beneficial effect?
  • Will people be technically enslaved to a corporation that owns a part of one’s body?
  • What of the possibility that the genetically engineered virus will evolve and become pathogenic?
  • What are the extra risks of yet another vaccine—especially one with these implications—being added to the schedule?
  • What are the effects on the liver of being forced to create an artificial antibody?
  • Nicotine is also found in other Solanaceae (nightshade) plants, including potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplant. How will our ingestion of them be affected? [With thanks to Philip Ridley of London's chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation for the heads-up on Solanaceae.]

The original purpose of vaccinations, even if misguided, was to benefit people by preventing diseases. Now, though, we’re seeing a blind movement to use the technique to bioengineer people, to make them behave in a certain manner, and completely without any concern for the potential harm that could be done. In all the documentation on this upcoming vaccine, almost no consideration has been given to the ethical issues an anti-smoking vaccine raises. Even worse, though, is the utter lack of consideration about the potential harms that this attempt to genetically engineer humans could produce.

Smoking is destructive, unnecessary, and affects the health of millions of Americans.  Yes it is marketed to our kids as well for a new generation of smokers.  I personally believe however that a vaccine is NOT the answer, self control and responsibility is.  In today's society it seems personal responsibility is slipping away and everyone is either waiting for the Government, pharmaceutical, or other person to deliver for ones shortcomings.  Personal responsibility for your health is described in the Bible over and over again.  "Honor God with Your Body," "Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit." You get the idea.  And no health insurance is not the answer...proactive, personal responsibility for your health is.  Stay tuned to this blog and we work together toward that end!

Have a blessed day!


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