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Posted on 04-24-2012

Ready, set, go! You have just been released into the wild, asurvive-by-any-means world, where nearly all food and medicine is toxic, with doctors and dentists prescribe cancer causing medication and radiation. Go now, fend for yourself, don't ask questions, and try not to end up in a hospital, where you'll be force fed more toxins and most likely won't get out alive.

That's right, rather than heading to the movie theatre to sit back with your popcorn, candy and a soda to "virtually" engage in the not-so-far-away, post-apocalyptic, dystopian future of America (around the year 2080), just head to the local grocery store and start haphazardly grabbing items off the shelves, then go home, turn on the boob tube, eat your food, watch the news, and "hope" it all gets better.

Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the jungle, we've got "fun and games," where food is full of toxins disguised with natural names. But today in America, instead of having your skull cracked by a "kill-or-be-killed" teenager, and then having your brain devoured by poisonous creatures, you get your skull sawed open by a surgeon, while your brain and internal organs are eaten alive slowly by chemotherapy and radiation, and your only weapons consist of organic food and organic supplements, which may soon be illegal, or converted to GMO, but still labeled as organic.

No, it's not 2080, but 2012, yet in some ways we ARE already under rule by a tyrannical government, which feeds us GMO foods, fluoridated water, and shoots us up with vaccines that spread disease instead of curing it.

We're only at the beginning of a technological millennium, with cell phones and microwave ovens which fuel cancer, where nutrition is a bad word at the doctor's office, and the only medicine prescribed for illness contains chemicals and viruses which are intended to temporarily quell your symptoms and complaints.

The Nutrition Games are played out every day in America, where every grocery store, restaurant, drug store, and hospital are like a maze, with no map, where humans are left to fend for themselves and figure out what kills them and what heals them.

What parents need to know

Are you keeping track of your children's eating habits? How often do your kids and teens eat hormone-laced, GMO rotting fast food? How frequently are you planning on giving your kids flu shots and vaccines which contain mercury, aluminum, and cross-bred viruses and bacteria? Or did you know your child may have already consented to them without your signature? Are you buying corn-based and soy-based products which are full of pesticide-ridden, processed chemicals? How many drinks and medicines does your child consume that are full of chemical-made, artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose and sorbitol?

The Nutrition Games are underway, and you might consider them the Disease Games if you're not doing your own research, and thus, filtering chemicals disguised as food and medicine from your daily intake.

Instead of kids running around outside with spears, arrows and swords, facing immediate life-threatening dangers, kids are running around outside with $5 or $10, which buys them life-threatening foods and drinks, and kids are smoking cigarettes which contain 4,000 chemicals. Welcome to the jungle (United States of America), where 750,000 people die of cancer every year. It's time to put up your guard! The Nutrition Games have already begun.

"Food" for thought!  Have a blessed day!


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