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Posted on 04-16-2012

Good morning!  

Many people are looking for answers to reduce their inflammation both for pain but also because more and more science is identifying that inflammation is the basis for nearly ALL DISEASE processes!  This study from the Journal of Nature from 09/2005 shows how enzymes within extra-virgin olive oil have a Ibuprofen-like affect!


Newly pressed extra-virgin olive oil contains oleocanthal - a compound whose pungency induces a strong stinging sensation in the throat, not unlike that caused by solutions of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug ibuprofen.

We show here that this similar perception seems to be an indicator of a shared pharmacological activity, with oleocanthal acting as a natural anti-inflammatory compound that has a potency and profile strikingly similar to that of ibuprofen.

Although structurally dissimilar, both these molecules inhibit the same cyclooxygenase enzymes in the prostaglandin-biosynthesis pathway.


The agent in extra-virgin olive oil responsible for throat irritation is thought to be oleocanthal, with oleo- for olive, -canth- for sting, and -al for aldehydes.

These authors isolated oleocanthal from different premium olive oils and measured its intensity as a throat irritant. They found that irritation intensity was positively correlated with oleocanthal concentration.

These authors tested whether oleocanthal might mimic the pharmacological effects of ibuprofen, a potent modulator of inflammation and analgesia.

Ibuprofen is a inhibitor of the cyclooxygenase enzymes COX-1 and COX-2, "which catalyse steps in the biochemical inflammation pathways derived from

arachidonic acid."

We found that, like ibuprofen, oleocanthal caused dose-dependent inhibition of COX-1 and COX-2 activities. "Our findings raise the possibility that long-term consumption of oleocanthal may help to protect against some diseases by virtue of its ibuprofen-like COXinhibiting activity."

"If 50 g of extra-virgin olive oil containing up to 200 g per ml oleocanthal is ingested per day, of which 60-90% is absorbed, then this corresponds to an intake of up to 9 mg [of oleocanthal] per day."

"This dose is relatively low, corresponding to about 10% of the ibuprofen dosage recommended for adult pain relief, but it is known that regular low doses of aspirin, another COX inhibitor, confer cardiovascular health benefits."

A Mediterranean diet, which is rich in olive oil, confers various health benefits, including a reduction in the risk of developing some cancer, of platelet aggregation in the blood, and reduced incidence of Alzheimer's disease. "Our discovery of COXinhibitory activity in a component of olive oil offers a possible mechanistic explanation for this link."


1) Newly pressed extra-virgin olive oil contains a chemical called oleocanthal.

2) Ibuprofen is an inhibitor of the cyclooxygenase enzymes COX-1 and COX-2, which catalyse steps in the biochemical inflammation pathways derived from arachidonic acid to pro-inflammatory prostaglandins [PGE2].

3) Oleocanthal, like ibuprofen, caused dose-dependent inhibition of COX-1 and COX-2 activities with reduced pro-inflammatory prostaglandin-biosynthesis [PGE2].

4) Long-term consumption of extra-virgin olive oil that contains oleocanthal may protect against some diseases by virtue of its COX-inhibiting activity, including a reduction in the risk of developing some cancer, increased cardiovascular health,

reduction of platelet aggregation in the blood, and reduced incidence of Alzheimer's disease.

5) Oleocanthal in extra-virgin olive oil may be responsible for the various health benefits Mediterranean diet.

 Have a bless day folks!


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